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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tom Cruise and Marriage

Marriage Hospice

     So, saw on the cover of “People,” a picture of Tom Cruise and a headline about how tough his divorce has been.  It makes mention there that he is seeking answers in Scientology.  Without going into all of that foolishness, I would point out that headline as a clear insight into the reality of the crisis divorce creates that causes people to search for answers. 
     Churches have figured out that as an individual approaches the end of their life, that creating a ministry called, “hospice” is an important way to help some individuals through a tough time of their lives.  And yet, when we hear of someone getting divorced, all too often we have nothing to offer in our churches.  In fact, I have even known of pastors and church leaders who actively turn against individuals who have gotten divorced, sometimes without even knowing or inquiring about the full story.  No wonder people look other places.  And yet, it is such a prime opportunity to help individuals find the meaning they need when their lives are falling apart. 
     Maybe somebody should start a hospice for those who are losing their marriage.  At the very least, many of our churches need to learn how to better minister to people in this time of need.  Maybe you could become an advocate for such a specialized ministry in your church.  I can tell you from personal experience that such ministries are truly a godsend when you are in the midst of the divorce upheaval…..it hugely was for me.  Later, maybe I can make referrals or links to specific ministries, to give you some ideas.  In the meantime, there a people out there who could even just use a hug or a card that lets them know you are praying for them.  I still have every card that was mailed to me 14 years ago when people were praying for me.  But then, I’m kind of a sentimental sap, too!

TL:dr   The crisis of divorce creates a huge opportunity for believers to show God’s love.

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  1. There is a Christian series "Divorce Care" which I have attended at the invitation of a fellow church member who was just becoming a facilitator. Possibly your church would be interested?