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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Christian and the Olympics... here is a whole different idea

Let the Games Begin!!

So the Olympics are winding down.  Remember when Paul’s life is nearing the end, and he writes in 2 Timothy that he has fought the good fight, finished the course and so on?  I wonder if that is how our athletes feel about now, too.  Having been involved in some things myself (not at all on the scale of the Olympics), there is always at the time of the close of a big event, a feeling of let down, kind of a “can’t believe it’s over, hard to let go” sort of moment.  But there is also a sense of satisfaction in a job well done.  You probably know what I mean.

Anyway, those games are ending, and I got to thinking, I wonder, if we looked at the Christian life as a parallel to the Olympics (and, remember, Mt. Olympus was the home of the gods in Greek mythology)…..then what would be the various events we could enter in the “Christian Olympics of life”?

Some folks I think would decide the competitions would include events like:  quoting Bible verses relay, winning souls for Christ competition, longest prayers marathon, Sunday School attendance, the righteous living slalom, best dressed at church, fanciest worship, biggest choir, most worshipful praise team…..

But, I think there is a mistake in that.  First off, the US soccer women’s soccer team this year did NOT medal by competing against the US soccer team!  Those of us in the body of Christ are ON THE SAME TEAM!!!  To win, we must beat the competition, not the teammates!  And secondly, I have heard people say God’s desire is more about who we ARE than about what we DO, so wonder if there might be some other possibilities. 

I think our competition would be against those things that would pull us and others away from God, things that could cause us to lose our focus and forget out goal.  Seems to me the Christian Olympics should include some of the following events:

The “endure to the end” Marathon
The “flee from temptation” dash
The “pass the baton discipleship” relay
The “be perfect as your father is perfect” high jump
The “entangling sin” distance shot put
The “trusting God with it all” high dive.
The “carry one another’s burdens” weight lifting competition
The 10k compassion walk
The 70x7 forgiveness relay
The block that shot intercessor’s soccer game
The “2 Peter 1:5-8” climbing challenge

Interested?  You don’t have to prove yourself to be good enough to get into the competition.  All you have to do is sign up at your local church altar or your prayer space at home.  Good luck! (except, I don’t believe in luck…)

TL:DR  Our christian olympic competition should be against those things that pull us and others away from God.

NOTE:  The individual in the picture is Robin Govier, a retiree who was chosen to carry the torch through a section of Wales.  He was chosen because of his commitment to Christian Aid, a Christian group in England that responds to crises in the world.  This is the link to a short video on You Tube, which is touching and quite funny as well.

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