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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is there a drought in your soul?

Rain for Soil and Soul

  Guess what!  We got rain over the weekend.  Lots of rain.  Like 3 or 4 inches.  Won’t solve everything, but certainly makes a dent in the drought.  I quickly got outside when I could to do some serious weed pulling.  Yes, I think it is amazing, too, that everything dies in a drought EXCEPT THE WEEDS!  They don’t seem to mind it a bit. Still have lots to pull…..it is a big yard……but at least got started. 
  And guess what else.  The weeds weren’t so hard to pull.  Even this big one that I don’t know what is called, but it has a humongoid big long root that goes straight down that you can’t normally pull out.  Very exciting.
  Seems to me there could be some good lessons in all this.  Like how in the drought times if our lives, the weeds can take over if we aren’t careful.  Or, better yet, it was amazing how easily the weeds came out after the ground got soaked really well by the rain.  Could that be a parable?  Jesus talked about soil and weeds and roots and rain.  How about this:  If we keep the soil of our lives well watered with the Word of God, then the weeds of Satan that try to take over can be much more easily removed than if we neglect the word and allow our hearts to grow dry and hard in the things of God. 
If that is the parable, and I think it is probably a pretty good parallel, then
Ask yourself, how well watered is the soil of YOUR heart these days.  Might be time to turn on the word and let it soak in.
  And guess what else.  Been back and forthing it with the publisher a lot lately, trying to get final changes in place.  I’ll be surprised if they get the book completed by the end of August as expected, but shouldn’t be too much longer.  For those of you who have told me you are waiting for it, I am sorry it is taking so long…….but should be soon.

TL:dr  Keeping your heart filled with the word of God is great protection against infestation!

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