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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What challenge is your gift from God?


Hey friends, have had some really special opportunities of late, most of which I have shared with you on the blog.  But I decided I want to make some clarifying statements to you all, so that your rejoicing can be in tune with mine. 

You remember the other day when we told you about the radio interview opportunities on both coasts, and shared the title, “Richard Coast to Coast”?  Well, I just thought I’d like to add some thoughts to that whole experience.  Sunday, at the little congregation I assist with, I shared a couple of thoughts, that have actually come back in an interesting way.  I was discussing with the folks how important it is not to limit the possibilities God might bring into our lives.  The illustration I used is that some 15 years ago during my divorce proceedings, I never would have imagined that God would use the divorce to create a book that would be helpful to people.  I never would have imagined that I would be on radio programs from "coast to coast."  All that has happened has been somewhat unbelievable to me. 

You see, the rejoicing isn't that I am getting these opportunities, it is that I believe God is doing some amazing things, and including me in them.  You see, I also shared with the folks Sunday from 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (I’ll let YOU look it up), that God brings things in our lives, teaches us and helps us not merely so that we have some good experience or healing.  Rather, God expects us to take what He does and pass it along, to become an agent He can use to help others with the things He has used to help us.  And that, of course, is really all the book is, after all.  I simply share there some of the things that were helpful for me, or that I have learned by experience can be useful for others.  I really believe putting together the book was something God challenged me to do, and in following that challenge, I have seen His hand at work in these marvelous ways.  So it isn’t ME I want you to be impressed with…it is that God does wonderful things in and through us when we make ourselves available for use. 

So the funny thing?  I was visiting with a bookstore manager the other day about scheduling a book signing event at the store, and among the other coincidental bits of conversation, he raised this same verse from Corinthians, and the same perspective of simply passing along the things God has done.  I was struck by the “coincidence.” 

Well, the challenge for you today is to consider what there is in YOUR life that could be passed along to others for God to use.  There may even be ways God will work something good from the despair of your divorce.  I believe each of us has something, if we will but take the time to notice.  And I also believe  there are those around you and me who need what it is God has placed in our lives…..again, if we take the time to notice.  Keep your eyes peeled.

TL:dr  God has given us each something to share, and when He uses it, that is a cause for rejoicing.

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