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Friday, October 26, 2012

It may not be Black Friday, but here's a gift idea!

Gift idea... Remind them you care

Didn't think about making this into a blog until after I had a couple of people mention to me their plans for copies of Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce they bought.  What they told me was that they would going to give one to a friend (or family member….depending on the person) as a Christmas present.  And my response has been that this is a tremendous idea….because the holiday season is upon us, and those special, family oriented holidays are among the hardest for folks going through a divorce.  This is especially true the first year, and if the individual has young children, any year that they don’t get to see their children very much. 

So to those of you thinking about purchasing the book for someone for Christmas, let me encourage you that you have a good idea…..it is impossible to describe how difficult the holidays can be.  And if you haven’t seen much about Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce, then you may not be aware that it contains a section of devotionals specifically written for various holidays and anniversaries. 

However, I would suggest that you give it as an EARLY Christmas present….like maybe even just before Thanksgiving, because for many folks, the family focus of Thanksgiving is especially poignant after a divorce.  And, if you are a person thinking about doing that, you should realize that the fact that you even thought of that person in this way will be a big deal.  Every card sent, every phone call received, ever invitation to dinner was, at least for me, a huge reminder that I wasn’t really alone, and that there were people who cared.  

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