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Monday, December 3, 2012

Worthwhile Information

Pennies from Heaven Revisited!

So, haven’t said anything for a while about my little finds while out walking, so figure I ought to update you…..some interesting things.  However, first let me make sure you know, the internet radio interview did air on Sunday, and now can be replayed simply by going to their website, and going to the show section by date.  Mine will be found under Sunday, December 2nd  on the following link: http://toginet.com/shows/indiebookpublishing   Later it will be on my website once construction is completed….I’ll let you know when that happens, should be soon.

Okay, back to walking.  If you don’t know the story, you can go back to the August 3rd blog and read about my monetary and walking adventures, that describes times I found money while walking that God seemed to use to speak to me.   (You really should read it first if you haven’t.)  The walking, of course, relates not only to my own exercise, but exercise the dogs I take with me. 

So, I have been finding some interesting things of late.  First, you know all those animals that hibernate in the winter, and then come back out in the spring?  I think the opposite must happen with hardware fasteners.  That is, as I have walked recently, there has seemed to be an inordinate number of screws and nails lying along the path….mainly on the roads I cross or walk on.  And I don’t have any idea where they come from……because there aren't construction projects nearby.  Having had flat tires due to nails myself, I try to go ahead and pick up the ones I see, so that I can throw them away rather than have somebody get a flat or a hurt foot.  Maybe this appearance has to do with the recession.  Maybe the tire repair people have been driving around dropping nails and screws to up their business.  One never knows, I suppose.  So there isn't any great lesson in this, but I have sure gone downhill from what I was finding last summer.  But it gets worse!

The other day, when walking along, ran across a pooper scooper shovel thing.  Like the screws, the location of the scooper made absolutely no sense.  Unless maybe somebody went out trying to pick up deer droppings and got scared away.  But even then…..    Well, there are a couple of cats in our house, and a couple of litter boxes, and the scooper was actually pretty new looking and very clean……so we now have another litter shovel!  But I can’t help wondering if I have experienced a demotion of some sort, or if I am supposed to be learning humility and servant heartedness.  Naw….  I think I just need to start walking with my eyes closed!  I’ll let you know later how THAT works out!!

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  1. you need to keep everything you find, make a collection, write stories about your finds, would be very interesting in your later years. put the screws & nails in a jar and see how long it takes to fill the jar. Is it half empty or half full? i'm rambling here, but sounds like something I ought to do, too. Could be the start of another book.