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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wow!  It has finally happened.  For quite some time now, I have had a dream of putting together the devotional book Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce.  Divorce can be one of the toughest experiences a person can go through, and the stresses it creates can be tremendous.  All too often these days we hear of a divorced spouse finding their way into the house of their ex, or kidnapping the children, and it all ending up in tragic deaths through murder and suicide.  Divorce can literally be so hard that people would rather die!

In my experience, the church has not done too good of a job at helping people caught up in this struggle.  In fact, all too often, all these folks hear from the people at church is that divorce is wrong, and that if they were right with God they wouldn’t have these problems, along with lots of other condemning and, frankly, pretty self righteous comments.  At a time when a person most needs the kind of love a church can offer, ostracism and rejection is the experience instead.  Or, perhaps even worse, the awkwardness of silence, as nobody quite knows what to say or do as a marriage dissolves before their eyes.

It is my hope that this devotional book will be something to fill that void, and to let divorcing folks know that God DOES care, and that God CAN help, and that God WILL speak to them.  It has taken me literally years to pull together the things I have learned and get them down in writing.   I am thrilled that it is finally down and available for folks who desperately need to know God’s care for their lives through the stormy time of divorce.  I hope that this resource can be something Christian pastors and friends can use to help their struggling friends. 

This first volume…..Fall and Winter…..deals with the times of devastation as the divorce process begins and things become difficult and uncertain.  The second volume…..which is nearing completion now……deals with Spring and Summer, the times when one starts to put life back together after the marriage is over, and begins to find new paths for life.

I look forward to hearing the ways God uses these words to help people in need of a kind word from God in a stressful time of life. 

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