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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Concerned and caring

The response is heartwarming

So……just returned from a fun weekend.  Every year, the churches of my denomination get together for a special time of fellowship, teaching and the various business concerns tied in with keeping the various joint ministries and missions going.  And that was where my wife and I were.

I had gotten in a special order of some books to be available at the event, and a good friend was selling them out of his mission shop (we will have it linked for you…really cool things, and the money goes directly to help local crafters in various countries be able to make a few dollars).  Anyway, was sharing about the book with some old friends and some new ones, and I was pretty excited about the response. 

One of the best comments I got was from a pastor friend who, after hearing about the purpose of the book, responded, “I have three people right now who need that.”  Others had family members or friends with whom they were going to share information…..in at least one case, to at least direct them to this blog and my email as a source of support.  Some are downloading the ebook, others preferred signed copies.  One is even going to use it as a discussion guide for his local ministers’ group, simply to help them understand better what parishioners getting divorced are experiencing, and how to better minister to their needs.  Another pastor asked if I was going to be available to speak at churches about the need and what I have put together.  Of course, I made my contact information available for that very purpose.

If you are divorced and reading this, I want you to recognize something significant in the response I saw:  there are people who care about you, and who want to help you.  In the book, they found a possible tool for that very purpose.  Realize also, that many of those same people are thinking about you and praying for you daily.  You are not alone in your journey!

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