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Friday, June 14, 2013

How YOU can help a Divorced Friend on Father's Day!

Top Ten Father’s Day Tips to Help a Recently Divorced Father

1)            When you see him, say something like, “Hey man, how’s it goin’?  How about those Yankees?”  And then slug him in the arm.  In other words, we guys experience support and emotions differently, and so a different approach can be required.

2)           If he has the kids, and you have the ability, offer to take by a good meal over the weekend…it may have been a long time since he had some good home cooking.

3)           You might consider sending him tickets to a ball game for he and the kids….but maybe for Saturday rather than Sunday….less attention on dads and families that way.

4)           You could send him a card….and maybe mention the good qualities you see in him as a father…especially the ones you are seeing post-divorce.  He may be feeling like a failure and need the good word.

5)           He might could use some extra cash…but you may have to do it anonymously.  People are often aware of struggling single moms, but single dads can have it hard, too, with divided finances, maintenance or alimony, sometimes child support….it can really hit guys hard sometimes.

6)           Maybe invite he and his kids to join you for a trip to a local theme park or skiing at the lake…he may not have energy for great ideas himself.  And while out there, let his kids know you think he is a good dad…sometimes they are not told about the good things dad does.

7)           If you know the kids well, you may want to touch base with them to make sure they know it’s Father’s Day, and had opportunity to get cards or gifts.

8)           If he’s a good friend, you might want to consider scheduling late night pizza with him Sunday, or lunch the next day….he may need a place to talk out or debrief after a tough day.

9)           Offer to pick he and the kids up to go to church with you Father’s Day…it can be a tough day to walk in the door alone.

10)         And, as always, one of the greatest gifts you can give is to pray for him, and let him know he is in your prayers.  That is one of the true treasures of Christian friendship.

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