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Monday, November 26, 2012

He's on the radio!!!

Radio Podcast

Hey folks, sorry for the mixup.  I hear some of you tried to listen to the interview on the internet, and found only frustration.  I found out today that the problem was a computer glitch at the network.   The interview will be aired one of the upcoming Sundays, I will let you know when for sure when I know.  However, you can shortcut the process if you’d like by going directly to the podcast at 

  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  In our worship gathering yesterday, we celebrated communion, called in some traditions, Eucharist, which is from the Greek meaning, “thanksgiving.”  Seemed to be appropriate to celebrate at this time of year, don’t you think?  Although, quite frankly, communion is ALWAYS appropriate to celebrate, I’d say, wouldn’t you?

  I’ll call that enough for today, and remind you to remember to pass along the blog or email address to those who might need the encouragement (or the book!) during the upcoming holidays…..special though Christmas is, it can be pretty tough for families splintered by divorce. 

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