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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Awareness of God..

It IS a big deal!

Well, blog readers, owe you a bit of an apology, I suppose.  Haven’t posted much at all lately.  Have been in kind of a whirlwind of activity, primarily book related.  As we near the production stage, have been reviewing cover proofs and text proofs, and book format.  Anyway, without getting into the nuts and bolts of it, have been doing some significant revamping to make things come together in the best way possible, making various extremely time-consuming adjustments along the way.  However, just sent in one of the last major pieces of email, so should be turning a big corner.  Although, there were more steps than I knew, all of which have taken more time than expect, the indication is I should be able to tell you within just a few weeks that copies are available.  You will be able to get some directly from me, but they will be able to be ordered through your local bookstores as well, or the publisher.  Will provide details at the appropriate time.

So how about a thought for the day?  Am reading a really good book I’ll tell you about later, but one of the issues it raises is how much we take for granted the freedoms and benefits those of us who live here in America have automatically because we are here.  Education, a generally benign government, infrastructure…that sort of thing.  Sometimes, I think it wouldn’t hurt to ask the same question of us Christians.  That is, do we take things for granted in our faith?  I believe absolutely we do.  I want to share one with you just to get you started thinking about it a bit.

Here’s the deal.  In visiting with folks who aren’t particularly religious, sometimes I will ask them what they believe in terms of God and so forth.  Nine times out of ten, the answer I’ll get is that they believe in God, and often, not much else.  I raise the issue with them that the book of James tells us that the demons also believe…..but they tremble.  Then I point out that the individuals pretty glibly said they believe in God, but the demons tremble when they say they believe in God.  Is that not a disconnect?  Do they (we) REALLY believe?  How is it that we, mere humans, can so flatly state we believe in God, but have so lost the awe, the reverence, the understanding of God that we don’t know enough to say so with a degree of trembling?  

Okay, sure, Jesus came and taught us God loves us and opened the way to the throne, so there is a different relationship set up.  But even so, it is still a THRONE, and the one who loves us is still GOD.  Have we reduced God down to merely a nice old guy who loves us from there in heaven somewhere?  Have we eliminated expectations from him?  Do we forget what the word omnipotent really implies?  I’m going to stop right here.  I want to invite you to really think about what I am asking.  And examine yourself.  Are you caught up in the reduction of the awesome?  We’ll talk again.

The photo was taken by the Hubble Telescope and is an image of gas and dust inside the Carina Nebula...pretty awesome, made by God!

TL:dr  Have we lost track of the awesomeness of God?

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