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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Speaking Spanish and really being ready for anything God sends my way!

     Wanted to share with you something that struck me the other day.  It has nothing to do with divorce,  But remember, even in times of divorce or other loss and hardships, life is never entirely about divorce or the loss.  It just is sometimes hard to see the other good things in life because of the intensity of the experiences impacting you. 

     So the other day had occasion to spend the night at a motel during traveling time.  A light bulb needed to be changed, so as we were leaving, I stopped to let the maid know, since the bulb was not in a commonly used location. (I grew up in a motel, I know that sometimes it is helpful if people let you know of things that need attention, if done nicely.)  I noticed the lady was Hispanic, and she nodded her head to let me know she would see to it.  A bit later, she appeared at our room with another woman, and that woman asked me for clarification of my request.  In other words, the maid only partially understood what I had said to her.  She spoke Spanish.  There are places I expect that to be to be the case, but this was further north than I would have anticipated…..it was Wyoming!
       I thought afterward, I really need to think about learning Spanish better than my rudimentary knowledge from school days.  Because to do so could be another tool God could use.  As it was, I couldn’t even tell her about a light bulb, how could I possibly communicate effectively the love of Christ?  Sure, there are some things I could do, but that isn’t the same.  Not that I don’t think it would be helpful of people here from other countries learned English, but to wait until they do for me to be able to share about Christ?  But if I learned Spanish, who knows what kind of doors God might open for ministries?  It reminds me of Paul’s statement in Corinthians, “I have become all things to all men in order that I might win the more.”  (1 Corinthians 9:22)
   So, what tools are you working on adding in your life so that God can have more opportunities to use you?  It isn’t all up to Him.  We are expected to do our part, and that includes doing our best to be usable wherever God places us.  Don’t let your life get so consumed with your own issues that you lose track of the fact that God expects us to serve and to express God’s love to the people in our lives as effectively as possible.  I sure like looking around at places like Home Depot at all the tools for things I might could use.  We need to have the same attitude as we look around our daily world for the tools we need to be used by God!
TL:DR  God wants to use us effectively, and can do so if we do our best to be ready to be used.


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