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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to Help


Our lives continue to be in transition, which has had the impact on the frequency of my blog postings that some of you may have noticed.  We are making progress, and I hope sometime soon to be able to again get back on schedule with them.  In any case, here is one for tonight.

Never underestimate the power of prayer.  Last week I completed a set of my “Jacob’s Well Workshops” at the church I pastor, designed to help church folks better understand how to be more effective in helping those caught in the throes of divorce.  During the last session, I included a number of specific actions that individuals can take to reach out and help individuals in divorce.

One of the categories I discussed included prayer support, and I thought I would share with you for tonight’s blog some of the specific tips you could use.  These are only a few items from the workshop, but I thought these are ones that can be very important.  

PRAYER---prayer is one of the biggest gifts you can give, and you can pray for them in very meaningful ways.  Here are some possibilities:
  1. Ask them what time of day is most difficult for them, and then let them know you will be praying for them at that time each day…then do it.
  1. Ask them for specific prayer requests, and then create an environment of trust so they can freely share.
  1. Ask them to let you know when court and/or mediation times are approaching, so that you can pray WITH them prior to the event, and for them DURING the event.  In some cases, you may even want to offer to attend court with them so that they are not alone in those troubling “halls of justice.”
  1. When you do this, and maybe anytime you are on the phone with them, take a second to pray for them aloud on the phone as you close the call.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, even something as simple as, “God, please help my dear friend in this time,” can be very meaningful.
  1. You may also want to help them turn their own focus to God when you visit with them and they share their burdens and fears.  Ask the simple question, “What do you think God might be trying to do in your life at this time?  What do you think he is trying to teach you?”   Because God will be working in ways they may not be able to see.  Then pray with them that God will reveal to them the things he is doing in their lives, even in the times of hardship and stress.

These may not seem to be such a big deal when you read them, but to be on the receiving end of these prayers when in the midst of divorce can be very meaningful.  I encourage you to bless someone in this way soon.

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