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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wealth of Friendships

If you have noticed that I have missed posting lately, it is the wonder of technology…and computer repair shops…but we are back in commission now, so welcome to tonight’s blog. 

I had a nice time this weekend.  For a significant portion of the weekend, I was in the company of long term friends whom I don’t get to see very often.  Some of them I saw for a few brief moments at the worship service I attended, others I was privilege to spend several hours with while playing cards or just visiting over a meal or while doing little or nothing.  We laughed over favorite stories, caught up on one another’s lives and families, worshiped God together, and encouraged one another in the challenges of our lives. 

As I drove away with all the memories of the weekend as well as memories of lifelong friendships, I also thought of all the ways so many of those friends offered support and encouragement for me during the dark days of divorce.  I was reminded of a time, years ago as I was struggling with the reordering of life that comes with divorce and the financial strain it entails, when in the midst of those dark days I thought to myself, “Lots of things in my life are changing, with a lot of loss and uncertainty.  I may not have a lot of money, but I am rich.  I have a treasure chest FILLED with wonderful friends.”  THAT is a good thing to remember.
Are you experiencing upheaval and uncertainty in your life?  Are you struggling, discouraged and fearful?  Is the path ahead clouded so that you cannot see what the future holds even an hour ahead?  God is always available to help and provide us the strength, hope and encouragement we need…and more often than not God makes that provision in the form of gifts he calls “friends”. 

I like the old saying that we need God to love us, but sometimes we need God to love us in a tangible way, and in those situations, our fellow Christians, our dear friends and loving family can become “God with skin on.”   Their kind words, their helpful deeds, their encouraging support, their warm and caring hugs are often the very love of God reaching out to meet the needs of your life.  There is not a more valuable treasure on earth than caring people who offer their love and support in the midst of a time of desperation and despair.

Who are the treasures in your life?  Today might be a good time to tell God thanks for sending them your way.  It might not hurt to tell them thanks, too!

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