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Sunday, March 13, 2016

What Season Are You In?


In front of my house, where the walk comes to the porch, a border of purple crocus have already blossomed and gone.  I remember the day I first walked down the stairs in the front hall and through the front window saw the little blossoms smiling brightly.  That is one of my favorite signs of a new, warmer season.  Since that day, daffodils and jonquils have opened their blossoms, with tulips and surprise lilies working their way up as well.  A new season.

Is the season changing in your life?  After the trauma of divorce, a day comes when you start smiling again, or wake up thinking to yourself that it’s going to be okay.  When someone retires, their live undergoes dramatic shift in daily schedules and priorities shift into a new structure.  Illness, marriage, birth of a child, job change or graduation are other signs of a life season changing.  Are there such signs in your life these days?  

I remember once a good friend who had gone through a dark time in his life, and then one day he woke up in the morning and moved to a new life chapter, with a sense that he had turned a page in his life somehow.  He wasn’t able to identify what made the difference, only that he experienced a change and the start of something fresh.

Life is always changing.  Some times in life are extremely difficult or stressful.  Other times are filled with joy and fun.  I have learned in life that it does no good to wish for last spring, or the fun I had last summer.  But I can use the memory of last spring’s beauty to give me hope as I look forward to the spring yet to come.  

My divorce devotionals are built around this very notion of seasons in life, seasons that can easily be identified in the process of going through a divorce and its aftermath.  In the darkest days, it is difficult to remember when things were good, or believe that they ever will be good again.  But everything in life comes but for a season.

Easter is at the heart of spring, with the promise not only of a future, but of resurrection and future eternal through the promise of Him who was the first raised from the dead.  Whatever season you are now experiencing in life, I encourage you to not only remember the joy of seasons past, but develop the habit of taking a long view, looking to the promise of the day when we wake up to find everything changed forever, as the new day dawns with Christ on the throne right before our very eyes and our bodies transformed by the radiance of His glory!

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