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Wednesday, November 12, 2014



                                                          Believe in Love Again
 (Click on the words "Believe in Love Again" to be directed to You Tube to view the video)

One of my favorite responses I have ever gotten to my books is from a couple who, upon reading the first volume of the Seasons of Divorce book, decided they didn’t want a divorce and would go back to make their marriage work.  

That is not the normal response I get, but that was certainly one of the most touching.  

There is a story I once heard at a wedding, that I had included in our wedding when my wife and I got married ten years ago.  The story is of a couple’s marriage over the years, through happy and hard times, told with a narrative of anniversary celebrations, in which they always don their wedding garb, recite the vows again and have a picture taken.  Over the course of the story, various words from the vows strike them differently because of their life experience at the time.  One year “sickness and health” stands out, another year it is “richer or poorer,” until they come toward the end of life and recite “till death do you part.”  It is a very moving recitation, though I am not going to repeat it all here.

Down through the years I have seen far too many people step into divorce and not really consider the consequence, both in terms of what divorce really means, and in terms of what they are throwing away in the years of marriage.  

If there were only some way that we were all required first to consider very carefully all the angles before a filing can be done, it might change many divorces, though certainly not all. 

In regard to this topic, I happen to have a wife who is pretty internet savvy, and loves to find fun and interesting tidbits out in the world wide web, and she recently shared a pretty cool piece she found on “You Tube,” which is what this whole blog is introducing for you.  

So I invite you to join me and go watch a little video that might bring some hope and fresh meaning into your marriage relationship.  Click on the words "Believe in Love Again" below the picture at the top of the blog.  It will take you to You Tube to view the video.


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